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2011 EPs of the Year Runners Up

The EP list was the hardest category for me to narrow down. Originally I was only going to do 15, but I had such a hard time picking only four or five EPs to put on my runners up list. So I decided that if I needed to just add five of those runners up to the end of the actual EP list.

So here are the runners up, and these EPs are all awesome records.

Pills - Not About God
I just discovered that the band considers this a demo, which kind of annoys me that I wasn’t able to put it on that list. Anyway, I had a very hard time cutting this one from the final EP list because it’s so good. The main reason it didn’t make it on was because it was too short. One or two more songs and it would have been a shoe-in. First listen instantly reminded me of Training For Utopia, who are one of my all time favorite bands and were criminally overlooked. So why should you like this band? Because it’s made up of members from Funeral Diner, Takaru, and Burial Year. Pretty good reason I’d say.

Jowls - Cunt Punch
Victor! Fix the Sun were my favorite of the emo revival groups, and I’m still bummed to this day that they called it quits. Well out of those ashes came two bands; Jowls and Blank States. Blank States just called it a day a few weeks ago, without ever recording anything for anyone to listen to. Fortunately Jowls has given us a fantastic EP. These guys don’t sound exactly like V!FTS, but it’s hard not to think of them when listening to these songs, since both bands feature the same vocalist. This is some pretty stripped down Screamo that gets right to the point. No fancy noodling found here.

Regents - Regents

Members of Maximilian Colby, Sleepytime Trio, Frodus, and Combatwoundedveteran, all get together and play 80’s influenced Hardcore? Yes please! Naturally all the sounds from their earlier bands play a part here as well.

Protestant - Stalemate
Excellent Crusty Hardcore in the vein of Vestiges, Alpinist, and Masakari. This is no bull-shit Hardcore that does it’s best to be unappealing to fans of the more popular acts of the genre. Gnarly EP.

Rations - How Much Land Does a Man Need?
This 7” was split amongst 10 different labels from all corners of the world. I decided to check it out because Square of Opposition Records were part of this collective, and I trust most anything Chris puts out. There are some comparisons out there to Crimpshine, but since I never listened to that band, I say there is a little Dillinger Four mixed in with the Long Island sound.

Honorable Mentions:
Wooky Stax - Sunny, Summit - Small Talk, Sneeze - Grandma in the Trenches, Sanhedrin - Pro Human. Pro Life., Reservoir - Reservoir, Not Yet! - It’s a Small World Alcohol, Monument - Sweatpants Fever!, Matt Evans - The Senseless, Jawbone - Loss of Innocence, Graf Orlock - Doombox, Glocca Morra - Ghoul Intentions, Form & File - This Is Form & File, Form & File - Twin Beds, Forget Me - Forget Me, Code Orange Kids - Embrace Me, Code Orange Kids - Cycles, Placeholder - Demonstration, Censors - Disappointment, Captain, We’re Sinking - With Joe Riley, Campaign - Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice!, Cain Marko - At Sea, The Bomb - The Challenger, Black God - Black God

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