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Quick reviews of some new chunes that have recently hit the web.

Daytrader - Twelve Years
Honest opinion? I am very disappointed with this album. I absolutely adored their 2010 Demo and I enjoyed Last Days of Rome last year, but this just doesn’t do it for me. I HATE the production on this record. It has a huge sound that doesn’t fit with the bands style. These songs sound like radio rock tracks, and the song “If You Need It” sounds like it came right off of an 80’s area rock comp. Who knows, maybe I’ll end up liking this once I listen to it a few times, but my first take is not positive.

Cassilis / Locktender Split
Oh man, now this is awesome. Cassilis are an awesome Hardcore/Screamo band made up of former members of a bunch of twinkle daddy bands like Snowing, Boys & Sex, and Boy Problems. This band sounds nothing like any of their previous groups, but these two songs are pretty killer. The Locktender side is a killer Heavy Screamo track like you’d hear on a Yaphet Kotto or A Light In the Attic album.

Burning Love - Black Widow
Got to love Burning Love. This 7” is a teaser for the new full length due out later this year. The Hot Snakes meet Cursed Hardcore Punk band are the masters of what they do. “Karla” looks like it’s going to be on the full length, but the song “Love’s Only Crime” is a cover of the Laughing Hyena’s. The new full length is one of the albums I’m most excited for this year, and from these two songs it looks like it’s going to be a rager.

Capacities / Coma Regalia Split
The Black Kites guys didn’t waste any time starting a new project after breaking up. Capacities are in the same vein, short fast screamo tracks. They contribute four songs to this split, while the Coma Regalia side is only one track. I’m not familiar with Coma Regalia, but they seem to play a similar style of Screamo.

Black Angels - Watch Out Boy
You should be familiar with the Black Angels. Their brand of psychedelic rock takes heavy influence from The Velvet Underground, whose song they are named after. A great band that has gained a little bit of a following, even managing to appear in a few commercials. Two very solid tracks on this single and both songs sound like they could have been written by Lou Reed himself.

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