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Top 10 Splits of 2012 (Pt. 2)

5.) Parasitic Skies / Losing Skin
Any band named after a Swarm album is a band worth checking out. It helps that it was released by Headfirst Records out of Raleigh, NC. A great label doing some pretty rad stuff. Parasitic Skies are a vegan straightedge Hardcore band from Seattle with some hints of D-beat and grind. As an added bonus, the vocalist sounds like Dan Weyandt on the Fear is What Keeps Us Here. While the Parasitic Skies side is my favorite, the Losing Skin side is pretty solid too with some crusty metallic hardcore. I can’t forget to¬† mention the killer album cover.

4.) Cassilis / Locktender
Out of the two Locktender splits this year, this one was my favorite mostly because I enjoy the Cassilis side more than the Brighter Arrows side. Cassilis is former and current members of Boys & Sex, Snowing, and Boy Problems, but don’t sound like any of those groups. Instead they play in a more chaotic vein of screamo. Locktender give us two songs here, and it’s more solid goodness. I’m really excited to see what these guys can do in the future.

3.) Direct Hit! / The Haverchucks
FUCK YOU GET PUMPED! Direct Hit! are one of the most fun bands in Punk today. Midwest Pop Punk about monsters and pizza. My friend described them as Latterman if they wrote songs like The Misfits. Their side of the split is a ton of fun. Not to be out done, The Haverchucks are also here for the good times. If you love Ramonescore, this shit is for you. Named after the best Freaks and Geeks character, the Haverchucks do the usual songs about girls and being rejected. This is really the most upbeat sounding album on this list.

2.) Divider / Colony
Oh man is this thing heavy. Divider kick this split off with a single four minute song that is downright brutal. It’s a bit refreshing to have a hardcore band to step outside the norm. I’m willing to be that these guys are influenced by bands like ISIS and Neurosis. Colony come from the faster side of the tracks with a more Converge style tossed in with some grind. The fact that this split came out pretty early in the year and still managed to be near the top of my list is a pretty good indicator of how good this album is.

1.) Sanhedrin / Maranatha
Spirit Filled Hardcore is about to get a major upgrade. Both of these bands are causing some controversy in the Christian music field with their challenging lyrics and striking choice of imagery. Sanhedrin is the brainchild of Overcome guitarist Stephen Cosand. Self described Ada-Foah Hardcore is served up raw and blackened, sound a little like Entombed. Maranatha on the other side is another one man project. This time Colin Simula of Symphony in Peril plays all the songs here with a bit more sludgier sound. Both of these bands put a ton of creativity into a genre that’s become less about the message and more about the style, at least in the Christian side of things. I love it when Christian bands challenge the status quo, really trying to make people think. I hope this sparks a revolution in Christian hardcore.

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