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Top 25 Albums of 2012 (25-21)

I’m a little behind so let’s get things rolling.

25.) Convul - سأكون رؤيتكم (I’ll Be Seeing You)
This album came out pretty late in 2012, so I didn’t really get as long to dissect this album as I would have liked to. Given enough time, I probably would have ranked this album much higher on the list. Guess that means it’s a pretty good album right? Fuck yes it is. Convul, formerly Convulsions, blew me away with their side of the split they did with Black Kites last year, and when I saw them play in my home town I was even more impressed. Convul blend chaotic hardcore, with some Stoner Doom moments and sludge. This is one of the most creative hardcore albums I’ve heard in years and I think this album will go down in the history books as a game changer.

24.) We Were Skeletons - Blame & Aging
Another late contender for 2012. It took me one listen to realize how fantastic this album is though. I’d always enjoyed We Were Skeletons but they never quite stuck with me. Blame & Aging takes the band’s signature style of screamo and knocks it out of the park. We Were Skeletons remind me of the glory days of screamo when bands like Orchid, Wolves, and The Saddest Landscape ruled. This is the way that modern screamo should be played, and not like the dozens of La Dispute and Touche Amore clones running around today.

23.) Secret Arms - New Colonies
Yet another screamo album that got my attention late in the game. This album leans closer to the harder bands of the genre like Transistor Transistor, Wolves, and A Light in the Attic. I know very little about this band, but I know that I want to hear more like this.

22.) Exalt - Breach False Minds
I’ve written about my love of this band a few times now, and I still think that this album doesn’t get the attention that it deserves. EXALT ARE FUCKING GOOD. LISTEN TO THIS ALBUM! If you like Coalesce, Botch, Cursed, or Converge, you need to hear this album right now.

21.) Damien Jurado - Maraqopa
I usually don’t listen to this type of music. Not that I don’t like the singer songwriter genre, there are just too many out there for me. Damien Jurado has had a pretty lengthy career and but I think the last couple albums he’s put out have been some of the best he’s ever released. Maraqopa feels like Jurado time warped back to the 70’s and started mixing in with the psychedelic scene. My favorite song on this album has to be “So On, Nevada” which is closer to what everyone thinks of when they hear Damien Jurado.

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